Science and Engineering Extra-Curricular Award

This is your opportunity to participate in Science & Engineering extra-curricular workshops and activities, and achieve an Award!

Why should you get involved? 

  • Gain a wide range of skills – Technical, communication, problem solving, leadership and teamwork (add straight to the CV!).
  • The activities are completely free!

What’s on? 

  • Raspberry Pi: Simple Games
  • Internet of Things
  • Node-RED: Using a Visual Tool to program the Internet of Things
  • Python Games
  • C++
  • Android
  • MATLAB® for Research
  • R Statistical Programming
  • Creating Maps : Intro to GIS
  • GIS Programming with Python
  • Web Mapping
  • 3D Models (Building & Animating)
  • Creating Stereoscopic 3D films
  • LaTeX: Professional Documents
  • Disease Detectives
  • Infection Prevention & Control
  • Virtual ‘Operation’ Table
  • Intro to Flowering Plants
  • Ecology Field Trip
  • DNA Virtual Lab
  • Crime Scene
  • DIY Chemistry
  • Risk Management
  • Leadership & Teamwork Training –  Army Style 
  • & more!

Why sign up?

  • It takes seconds to sign up & it helps to know numbers in advance so we can plan ahead (photocopy handouts … order supplies …in some cases lunch!) You are welcome to just show up on the day – but priority will go to those who booked ahead.
  • You sign up via Eventbrite – so set up an account & sign up in advance
  • Remember to cancel well in advance if you can’t make it & to find someone to fill in for you if the event is within 48 hours. The staff & employers who run the events put in a hige amount of preparation + we really like as many students as possible to benefit from these activities.
  • For any queries: sciengskillsaward AT



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